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Oneness Hypnosis CentRE
for Mind/Body Health

Oneness Hypnosis Centre takes a unique place in healthcare by focusing on scientifically valid, mind/body healing modalities and providing them in a compassionate, welcoming environment.

At the Oneness Hypnosis Centre, we believe that every client deserves to be the best steward of their own health. Because there are many different ways to health, it is our responsibility to provide only proven options that nourish the body and mind. The spirit and commitment of our staff is best described by the Centre’s mission:

We are an integrative team of complementary health professionals who have a common purpose of helping those who seek our care.

We hold a reverence for the human spirit. We seek to help our clients realise their goals and achieve fulfilment for themselves and their loved ones.

We believe in the strength of the human character, the importance of evidenced based clinical practice and we will work to bring those values to the work we do.

We succeed when we help each other do our very best, and have helped those who put their faith in us.

Oneness Hypnosis Centre is led by Thomas Lim Hoong Seng, H.B.C.E., C.H., C.I. We are one of the pioneers in the field of hypnotherapy in Singapore. Founded originally as Oneness Centre in 2002, which offered a multitude of complementary healthcare modalities from hypnotherapy to meditation, pilates and yoga. The Centre has now evolved to focus primarily on hypnotherapy as the premier modality in Mind/Body wellness.


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Oneness Hypnosis Centre is affiliated with:

HypnoBirthing Institute

US National Guild of Hypnotists

Asia Pacific Hypnosis Institute


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“Thank you for being so patient and encouraging...”

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TAN LI CHAN – psychomatic illnesses


“To those who are still struggling within, I’d say: Have faith and commit to making the change...”

HOPE TAN – self-confidence & finding direction in life







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